Old Age and some of the things that come with it!

This is the closest I have ever got to haven (Altitude.) On foot or in this case on the mountain railway. This photograph was taken from the summit of Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa in Welsh.) Some years back. It's an impressive view and one that I would recommend for both young and old. This was one of the better things about getting older. The Wife and I got to have a week in North Wales ourselves, on our own. No children or friends or inlaws. (Boy was that a first.)

So why did I start with that? Good question. The youngsters I know seem to think that getting older will be boring cause by the time you get to fifty. "Your done man." "Over the hill." "Making your bucket list, dude"

There is a classic joke about two young men standing outside a pub as an old guy drives up in a  brand-new Lambo. The first guy says to his friend. "Why are fast cars wasted on old men." The old guy in the car hears the comment through the open passenger window and replies "Why is youth wasted on the young." That one always made me smile.

As I write this I am within a few weeks of my 65th birthday. I have not worked for around five years through serious mental and physical health problems. But more about those later.

Last night I sat and watched a video on youtube that my younger brother had made. His passion is pottering about in his shed rebuilding old tractors and stuff. But a few years ago he suffered a stroke and that changed his life in a number of ways. After overcoming that he went back to work until recently. It happened again. Fortunatly he did not suffer the extreame debilitating effects that we associate with stroke's and is still pottering about in his shed. 

Whats your Passion?

Some passions start in childhood and remain with us throughout our lives. Sport, music, acting, joinery, cars... Each of us has something that gives us pleasure. 

Mine are writing, cad/cam and 3d printing.

I have been writing since I was 18. But its only in the last 10 years or so that I have tried to get some of my writing published. 

So what do I write? Why fiction of course. What kind of fiction?  You might ask? Now thts hard to clarify. Some of the stuff is Sci-Fi. Some is just discriptiive fiction, basically painting pictures with words.